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150 Days Continued: Volume Six

May 7, 2017 -- Day 36:

Auntie ran the Pittsburgh Marathon. In roughly the same amount of time that it took her to do that, I was able to sleep in, have leisurely coffee, get dressed, walk to the T station, ride downtown, stroll the city with Steve until we found the finish line, and then watch the runners for over an hour until she finished. I admit that her doing this is a huge, monumental achievement, the likes of which you will never see me even attempt in this lifetime. (Also true? I had more fun and hurt less.)

While I spent time there, Franco and Scott headed to a local nature preserve. They had a super time in the cool morning air, and have vowed to include me next time around.

                                                       Who says it isn't easy being green?

Once Auntie, Steve, and I returned home, where we met the boys, we all headed to BRGR for lunch. I am proud of Auntie's accomplishment, and glad that we were able to celebrate such a time with her.

Also, as impressive and amazing the race atmosphere, I still am not about the running. I am, however, all about burgers and beer after someone else does the running. I feel that's more than fair.

May 8, 2017 -- Day 37:

Poor Franco felt all stuffed up and sniffly. We played games and watched cartoons and took a nap. Then, we all felt completely sick about the Pens game, but tried to remain positive.

It failed, as they played possibly the worst game of the playoffs so far and forced a dreaded Game 7. Apparently, not all of these adventures are going to be awesome. Awesome.

May 9, 2017 -- Day 38:

Now, this is going to come out of left field and shock the stuffing out of you all. Today, against all odds, we went to Target. (I warned you. I sincerely hope you were sitting down.) Franco and I were preparing for our upcoming beach trip to Alabama's Gulf Shores, so we needed provisions. (Read: new clothes.)

While perusing the aisles, Franco informed me that he heard Mother's Day is upcoming, and he needed to buy me a present. I told him that is sweet, but unnecessary. He insisted, and told me that he would look around the store with me and, if he saw something perfect, he would let me know and maybe he could give it to me.

Well, boy howdy, does that kid know the way straight to my heart.

                             Is there a more perfect Mother's Day gift than Ryan Gosling in a musical?

I'm not trying to toot my own horn here or anything (I totally am) but someone is raising that kid up right.

We also did buy some new clothes. And, as per usual, Franco did this.

                                     You're my best friend....beause I see you all. The. Time.

May 10, 2017 -- Day 39:

Skating. Franco did a fabulous job in his lesson, and then decided to skate another thirty or so minutes with his friend and classmate, McKenna. (Just like The American Girl Doll. And the gymnastics movie based on The American Girl Doll. That Franco and I watch all the time on Netflix. You know, where Steve Sanders from 90210 plays her dad? That one.)

On the way home, we bought a new game at a consignment store, and I managed to convince Franco to finally "trim" his hair. And he did "trim" it. (Not "cut." Don't say "cut.") We came home to snack, then headed to gymnastics. Franco took his obligatory nap. (Maybe I did too. I will neither confirm nor deny.)

We then went to the library for Chess Club. The library offers it once a month, and this is the first time we have been able to attend. It turned out to be highly informative, and Franco learned a whole lot to improve his game. I learned a little bit more than I knew before, which brings my grand knowledge about chess to.....more than nothing. (Clearly, we have ol' Scotty P. to thank for this whole chess thing. Unless you count my love for the movie "Searching For Bobby Fischer." Which I personally do not.) It is truly a neat thing to be a part of, and Franco met some older kids who have quite a grasp on the game. He even hung around long enough while playing with them to make a lot of moves before he lost. He wants to keep learning and going to the club, and so I think it's a win.

On the drive back home, I literally felt like I might throw up. Franco told me, "Just don't throw up in this car." Sage advice. It was all due to the impending Game 7 hockey game. If I weren't crazy, I guess I would be nothing at all.

We watched downstairs in the game room/basement. I stood up and/or jumped for the entire thing. Franco found a seat on the steps. He then had to keep that position for the whole game. He kept adding accoutrements to the steps, until it literally became a safety hazard. (Which, naturally, we made him keep exactly the same, since we were winning at that point. Just watch your step?)

Photo taken right before he added coasters, Penguins programs, a stick and puck, and used beer caps to the collection. Whatever works, we say. Just don't fall down and hurt yourself because we are not taking you to the ER. No matter what. Until the game is over, anyhow.                    

Somehow, and to our great joy and relief, the Pens played literally (and I am not being a tad dramatic whatsoever) the best game EVER against the Crying Crapitals. And sent Ovechkin packing for the postseason. Wheeeeeeew. When I look back, it sure was fun. In the moment, fun is not exactly the word I might choose. But, here we go to the Eastern Conference finals!

May 11, 2017 -- Day 40:

Scott had to go back to tooth class for the whole weekend. Franco and I gathered stuff for our upcoming trip. When Scott returned home in the evening, he told us he had to not only attend this class, but study in the evenings for tooth tests. It sounded super, but, reluctantly, I decided to pass on this round of fun. Let's leave tooth studying to the master, shall we?

Franco and I instead decided to give him some quiet time and headed to Famous Footwear (where I got new Vans and a sweet pair of Steve Madden wedges) and Burlington (not Coat Factory.) And Kohl's. And maybe Fine Wine and Spirits. Who knows.

We played games and puzzles once home, and eventually Scott joined us for a few rounds of Crazy Eights to get his mind right for his test the next day. Doesn't everyone?

May 12, 2017 -- Day 41:

Scott went back to tooth class. Unfortunately, I woke up afflicted with an awful head cold which just didn't let up. In the evening, Franco and I sojourned to Fat Head's for dinner. I tried to knock back my pounding head with tasty food and beers. It did not cure me, but it didn't hurt either. So.

When we got home, Scotty studied, and Franco and I lazily lazed about. Not a bad Friday at all.

May 13, 2017 -- Day 42:

Scott's official vacation starts Monday, and we had planned our trip to the Gulf Shores to visit Grandpa Mark and Susan's new beach house. And goof off. But, Scott called from his tooth class to say the trip is off. Grandpa Mark is in the hospital, and so we can't meet up after all. Franco broke down in dismay. Luckily, we had already planned a built-in adventure for today, and Scott promised something fun for his vacation time, so all is well. (And Grandpa Mark is going to be fine, so that is a relief.)

Daniel Tiger is at the PA Trolley Museum in Washington. Franco and I have talked about this for quite some time and, despite my nasty cold, we headed out for a day of fun.

                                                           Who doesn't love Daniel?

The whole place was a blast. We rode a Philadelphia trolley to the trolley museum, where we saw Daniel, and then rode a Pittsburgh trolley back to the main building. There were games for the kids, crafts, snacks, and a gift shop. Franco's love for all things Daniel and trains and trolleys made him geek out for real, which made me really happy all the way around.

After, we were so super ready for the first game between the Pens and the Sens. Franco and I even scoured the shelves of Giant Eagle for some Bryan Rust root beer, and right at the end of our hunt, Franco's eagle eye spotted what I swear was the last bottle in the store! We set Franco up on his step, I set about drinking a massive quantity of beer (it can't hurt) and --

We watched as the Pens completely blew it in overtime. Oh, well. It's only Game One. That's what I tell myself, anyhow.

May 14, 2017 -- Day 43:

Even though Mother's Day is a made-up Hallmark holiday of sap, it still sucks to be sick. Scott spent the morning in his class, and returned to tell us he passed his tests and can begin his vacation! To which I replied, "Great. I'm going to lie down."

And I did. Franco and his dad managed to play some baseball outside, and build his Playmobil city. He and I watched some movies on the iPad and ate pizza together in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the head cold zapped the rest of my energy, so adventures today were not extreme. But, we enjoyed one another's company. Franco told me, " I could not have a better mom than you, and you could not have a better kid than me. And, so, you are lucky for that."

Ummm. All true...I guess? Happy Mother's Day indeed.

(Edited to add: He is 100% right. Obviously.)

***To Be Continued....

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